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All the houses in the village are made of natural wood - it creates a unique microclimate at home:

  • regardless of the external environment is constantly maintained at an optimum level oxygen balance
  • wooden walls regulate humidity by absorbing and giving moisture with changes in atmospheric conditions
  • natural warm color of premises in the house creates a unique psychological climate, people living in wooden houses, much less likely to suffer from headaches, depression and stress
  • tree disinfects air, without missing the house harmful substances
  • Many building materials can cause allergic reactions, especially in children. Just log, being environmentally friendly material has no harmful effect on the human body.

Cottages offered for rent have electric sauna, wood-burning fireplace, electric heating and lighting, hot and cold water, shower, toilet, floor heating in the shower room, fully equipped kitchen, pillows, mattresses, blankets, TV, DVD, fridge-freezer, dishwasher and washing machine.

I. Control the placement and exit
Cottage made available to tourists after 17.00 on the day of arrival until 12.00 on departure day. For information on how to receive the keys you get directly in renting the cottage. Cottages are usually rented from Saturday to Saturday. Minimum booking period is a week. Out of season (on request), it is also possible to book a shorter period (by arrangement).

II. Cleaning houses
The final cleaning fee is usually included in the rent of the cottage. This condition is reflected in the voucher. Interim cleaning is not provided in the cottages. Optionally, you can order a cleaning and linen change at an additional cost. Before leaving the tourists make easy cleaning. It is necessary to wash the used dishes, take out the trash, free from products refrigerator etc.

III. During the holiday cottage is necessary to bear in mind:

  • in the cottages is not accepted and smoking go to street shoes
  • when smoking on the terrace, please use the ashtrays
  • do not litter, please territory of cigarette butts, scraps of paper and other rubbish. The most proper place for trash - the trash
  • can not be accommodated with pets
  • fireplaces do not require a lot firewood
  • Do not leave open the taps and appliances included
  • it is necessary to control the toilet runoff
  • before turning on the sauna, washing machine and dishwasher need to read the instruction, which is sent with the documents for the rental cottages
  • forbidden to take the furniture placed in the cottage, on the street, because it is designed exclusively for indoor use
  • fires in the village and the forest is strictly prohibited.

These simple rules will help to avoid accidents and inconveniences. In the case of non-compliance to these tourists stay rules can be fined, and violators of the rules of residence can be expelled before the end of the lease the cottage.

IV. Bed linen and towels
linen are not included in the rental price of the cottage & nbsp;. Providing Bedding is an additional service and is paid for separately according to the order established rates. Underwear includes: 1 sheet, 1 duvet cover, 1 pillowcase, 2 towels (bath and toilet). When ordering, we need to know the number of people who require bed linen, as well as how often it needs to be changed (change of linen on request to be paid separately).

V. What is included in the rental price
The right to accommodation, use of all equipment and all the resources found in the cottage (electricity, hot and cold water, toilet, sauna, fireplace, kitchen appliances and utensils, appliances) and surrounding area (garden furniture, grill, playground, sports ground).

VI. Number of people in the cottage and sleeping places

Our cottages Accommodate up to 6 guests. In an isolated bedroom with a double bed. On the loft, there are three free-standing single beds. Another person can sleep on the couch in a recreation area or on a cot. Upon request from a cot and highchair. All beds are equipped with pillows, mattresses and blankets.

For a specified number of tourists is designed cottage area, water consumption, crockery, etc.

VII. Conflict situations
If tourists find any flaws in cottages or in their service, should inform the contact numbers listed in the voucher, or call the travel agency through which the tour was ordered.
If tourists cause damage to the cottage or its equipment, they are obliged to reimburse 100% of the cost of the damage.